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*Mr Gloop book is available as a unique electronic file with audio and movie clips and as a paperback book complete with electronic file. Please look and enjoy FREE preview featuring song by Jessy Moss

You will love to see the actual movies of the sea creatures such as sharks, octopus, rays, etc. that live at the Julian Rocks as well as reading and listening to the audio of the exciting adventures as they are visited by the Golden Dolphin and the 2 children.  This is a totally new development in books. The audio along with the movies assists reading.       

Mr Gloop and the Golden Dolphin is set in Byron Bayís Julian Rocks, a world renowned dive site, also a protected marine sanctuary. The adventures are created from Billís personal experience of thousands of hours diving under the ocean. He describes the many wonderful sights that he has been privileged to witness.  His desire  is for everyone to realise that all species actually do have their special and individual personalities, particularly the reef dwelling inhabitants.

This multi media book is totally revolutionary featuring exciting new dimensions, combining print with audio, movies and narration.  In both flash or mp4 formats. Select whether you will be using PC or mobile devices. Copyright and patented.


The Adventures of the Golden Dolphin

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